Gafas Galore focuses on true iconic vintage sunglasses that bring back the past. 
Lovingly sourced and entirely hand-picked, each piece has been specifically chosen making them unique and one of a kind.
We offer a wide selection of vintage gafas from all around Europe,
varying from avant garde designer pieces and hidden gem originals between 1960s-1990s.
Most of our collection is new old stock meaning that they have never been worn before and are ready to finally receive the love that they deserve.
It's always been a passion of ours to hunt down vintage treasures, whether it be vinyl, vintage clothes, furniture or of course gafas.
There are so many gems in this world yet to be discovered which is where gafas galore steps in.
Our collection is constantly being updated with new pieces as my passion for hunting down the best vintage gafas continues.


With Love,